MIAC director responds to 'Good, Bad, Ugly' post

I am writing to you in regards to your October 17, 2012, Opinion page expressing a dislike to the venue change of the Maria J. Langer Film Series.

I wonder if the person expressing such an opinion has actually seen a movie at the Taylor Little Theater.

This year saw the creation of the Mercyhurst Institute for Arts & Culture (MIAC) which oversees the arts programming accomplished by the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center, the Walker Recital Hall and the Taylor Little Theater.

MIAC manages the planning and execution of artistic and cultural events on campus in coordination with faculty and students.

The Institute is creating a lot of excitement on- and off-campus, but has been woefully over looked in your recent arts packed edition.

Over the course of the summer MIAC was busy improving the Taylor Little Theater and repurposing it into the place to see movies on campus.

In addition to cosmetic changes to the theatre, the University installed a new sound system and Blu-ray projector which provides viewers with the maximum picture resolution and best audio possible.

These changes along with the intimate environment of the theatre help to provide a unique viewing experience.

MIAC has also changed the Langer Film Series screenings to Friday. In large part the change was made to accommodate the University’s students who found it difficult to attend the films on Wednesdays.

We hope, in the end, our film series becomes an active part in the campus community’s night life and arts scene.

And after all you come to a good film, to see the story on the screen not because it is being shown in a particular venue.

I hope you give us a real chance to prove your opinion wrong.