Editor responds to claim 'Good, Bad, Ugly' was unfair

In response to Mr. Jamie Grady of the Mercyhurst Institute for Arts & Culture, I have to say I was shocked to receive such a defensive statement. Each week one of the most read sections of the Merciad is the “Good, Bad and Ugly,” which details student concerns on and off campus.

On Oct. 17, as the opinion editor, I made the decision to use an often heard complaint from students, and stand by my decision to run material about the Maria J. Langer film series being moved to the Taylor Little Theatre. He boldly questions whether or not I have attended a film in Taylor Little, which is a moot point considering my opinion has little bearing on the formulation of these briefs each week, as they are a culmination of student concerns, but I will address it none the less.

Yes, Mr. Grady, I have attended films in Taylor in the past, and in my humble opinion it is a less than ideal venue for any event. As the president of two RSCO’s on campus, I would never intentionally hold an event or show a film in Taylor Little for my groups.

In sum, I feel Mr. Grady should not be upset with the Merciad staff, or myself for posting it, but rather should consider the student opinions that prompted the post in the first place.
If my opinion was the only one that mattered, Mr. Grady’s self-indulgent response would be ‘The Ugly’ this week.