Editor defends position taken on MU radio station

First and foremost, Mr. Gayford has missed my entire point.

The article was not bashing jazz music, but rather stating that the radio station is not being used by the students, mostly because the majority of the campus does not enjoy jazz music.

I guarantee if the study body was surveyed, the vast majority would certainly not consider jazz music as one of their favorite genres; therefore, most of the students are not listening to the station.

Perhaps your background as a music major has biased your opinion.

The station is such a valuable resource for students to gain experience, but with its lack of popularity among the students, it was going to waste.

The point being, the choice to only play jazz music is killing the station as a whole.

When asked about the station, many students reply that they didn’t even know we had a radio station on campus.

As previously mentioned, many of those same students stated that they listened to Gannon’s station, though, since their music is appealing to the vast “majority” of students our age.

However, do not fear jazz lovers, because jazz can still be accessed 24/7 online, so the diversity of our school can still be maintained.

As a communication major, I am thrilled to hear that students are getting involved with the station since the change and hope the station continues to grow.

Hopefully, one day students will be swayed from Gannon’s station and listening to our new and improved one.