Rizzone advises students

Sami Rapp photo: Frank Rizzone helps students through their years at Mercyhurst with career development.Sami Rapp photo: Frank Rizzone helps students through their years at Mercyhurst with career development.

Are you looking for an internship or job after graduation? Look no further.

Nestled away in Egan 122, Frank Rizzone advises students with everything, including how to tweak resumes, research for internships and interview preparation.

For the past 20 years, Rizzone has been working in the Career Development Center, formerly the Career Services Department. He works with a variety of students to find their dream internship and ultimate career.

Before arriving at Merchyurst, Rizzone received his bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame and went to Edinboro for his master’s degree. After graduation he was employed with the Erie NBC affiliate station WICU for nearly 20 years as a news anchor.

Rizzone was attending a news conference at Mercyhurst in 1993 when he talked to former Mercyhurst University President William Garvey, Ph.D., about his interest in working for a college.

Rizzone was on a personal job hunt at a college, but did not hear anything back from Garvey until several months later.

“I was camping in the Allegheny National Forest with my family,” said Rizzone. “I was sitting at the campfire when the park ranger pulled up, lights flashing. The ranger comes over and said, ‘Are you Rizzone?’ When I said yes, he said that I had a message to call home.”

“Nobody likes getting that message,” he continued. “So I called home and my daughter told me that Mercyhurst called, they offered me the job, but I’d have to be there the next morning at 10 a.m. So we packed up and I was there.”

The next day he reported to Mercyhurst as the new Assistant Director of Career Services.

Rizzone is working in his twentieth year in the department at Mercyhurst his official anniversary being Sept 1.

Rizzone has watched hundreds of students come in and out of his office.

“My favorite part of the job is working with students. It is so rewarding, of course maddening at times, but sometimes I wish I would have started this part of my life earlier than I did,” Rizzone said.

Several students appreciate Rizzone’s determination to help with the career development process.

“He helped me determine what’s important to include both just as an intel student and if I’m talking with certain prospective employers,” said sophomore Jacob Middlesetter. “Very helpful in prepping for internships, too.”

“He’s the man,” said junior James Gibson.

Rizzone said his advice for students is, “Do not wait until the last minute. Do not ignore the resources available to you. There are so many things we have for them. On March 21, we have one of the best Career Fairs in western Pa. coming up, with an estimated 75-100 companies coming. There are so many opportunities that students pass up that would help them.”