St. Patrick's Day festivities were mild

For almost every holiday and occasion, Egan Dining Hall and the Parkhurst crew have themed meals.

Saint Patrick’s Day was no exception.

On Tuesday, March 12, Egan prepared an Irish Feast. They served everything from roast beef sandwiches on rye bread to colorful cupcakes surrounding gigantic lollipops.

The bright green decorations brightened the dining hall up and the staff added headbands, earrings, pins, and other festive accessories in shades of green to their already-green uniforms.

Egan remained decorated through the weekend.

Come Friday, students were preparing to have a weekend-long Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

The bus stops were surrounded by students who were ready to head downtown to continue their celebration at Erie’s collection of bars.

The students were dressed in a variety of green clothing. Outfits were topped off with outrageous leprechaun hats or sparkly headbands. Some students ignored the cold weather, and embraced the holiday by wearing t-shirts and fewer layers.

Instead of being on Saint Patrick’s Day itself, the Erie parade was on Saturday, this year.

However, unlike years past, there was no gigantic block party on Lewis Avenue. Most of the explanation for that goes to the snow.

On Saturday evening, Hypotonic Intoxication by Keith Karkut, once again returned to campus. A humorous and fun evening still managed to remind students not to go over-board with alcohol, especially on a holiday that has become so alcohol-centric.

All things considered, this Saint Patrick’s Day turned out to be one of the milder ones on the Mercyhurst Campus.

In Ireland, Mercyhurst abroad students celebrated in style. They marched in the local parade and carried a Mercyhurst University banner.