The pros of snapchat

For my generation, Facebook was considered to be the norm. Everybody in my high school would be talking about liking a friend’s post or “friending” somebody.
Now there are other social apps such as Snapchat. Snapchat is an app where users can send a picture to a friend. After the friend sees the picture, it disappears.

There have been concerns of Snapchat about the privacy of people, such as the app being used for bullying and the rest of the “it-can-be-used-for-bad-if-it-falls-in-the-wrong-hands” notion. This is not true. Because of Snapchat’s innovative idea of sharing pictures, there have been reports of big tech companies such as Twitter, Google, and Microsoft that are considering buying the small company. So let’s consider the positives of this company.

First off, Snapchat’s idea of deleting pictures after a friend sees it is creative. We remember what we see, and the image of the picture our friends send us will still be in our minds.
In addition, because the pictures delete after you see them on your device, you will have the same amount of memory as before the picture was on the device.
Snapchat can also be used as game because the pictures delete after a few seconds.

Students can gather round and count down the seconds it takes for the picture to delete. They can also have a competition of who takes the silliest pictures.
With its unique concept, Snapchat has evolved social media. It works because users will still remember the picture after it is deleted. In addition, it is another way for friends to connect: a way to connect through pictures.