More thought should be put into Thanksgiving break

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is to be spent with family and at home. This year due to the change to the 4-1-4 calendar, the Thanksgiving break was shortened to a four-day weekend, which ended up being a five-day weekend due to the weather conditions.

Some students had long drives to their hometowns and planned to get there before the actual day of Thanksgiving, especially when the weather conditions were not the best to drive long distances.

In two weeks, the term will be over. Students are glad they had the chance to have a break from classes, but it would have been appreciated if more days would be considered for such an important holiday, particularly with all the stress caused by the classes throughout the semester.

A much deeper concern is not only that the break was set up to be really short, but also that Egan Dining Hall was not open to students. There is a large international community, as well as students who live more than five hours away from home, and have no choice but to stay on campus. Therefore, Egan should have been open, even if only for a couple of hours, to all of these students.

It would have been better to have a longer break to get ahead of the work that is due before finals, and actually have a time to rest. With such a short break there is little time to share with the loved ones and get some work done. Some students did not get to go home but they traveled to other cities to shop and tour around the area.

This is a special occasion where families get together to share a moment to be thankful for the blessings they have in life. Many families do not get to see each other too often and it is in this holiday that they reunite and share together. Students should be able to at least have more time to share with their family and relax before the last two weeks of the term.

After all, Thanksgiving is a holiday to give thanks for what we have, so at least we have to be thankful we get a break, but it would be more appreciated if it would last a little longer.