Super Bowl fails to impress

Let’s be honest here, this year’s Super Bowl was extremely underwhelming, disappointing and quite frankly a waste of time. With a feeling similar to that of rubber necking, or watching a fail blog video, I left my couch thinking, “What am I watching… am I in that weird part of YouTube again?”

But what made it so bad? Well. The Seattle Seahawks laid waste to the Broncos. The players kept fumbling the ball. Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chile Peppers though fantastic on their own, scarred my ears and retinas. And was it me or did the local used car dealership get way too much airplay? While all these elements contributed to the failure of Super Bowl XLVIII, it was the hype that nailed the coffin.

This Super Bowl was to have been an event of epic proportions. The nation’s best defenders and offenders were gonna make history. It was a can’t-miss game; a write-home-to-your-mother game; a going-to-make-NFL- history came. Each team so deserved the win. And yet it went so wrong.The Super Bowl is a time, when as a nation, Americans everywhere can sit together and realize that a little teamwork can go a long way.

We can veg out, sing the anthem and laugh together, despite our differences or even our passion for football. Whether it comes from our uniformed services, favorite bands or local passing legends, Americans can look at the Super Bowl and say this is true teamwork. We should strive for that.

But what we ended up seeing is an example of how great players can’t win on their own. They can’t be the only ones to carry the show. Everyone has to pull their own weight.

Really… the best Super Bowl ever? That was just a little bit overstating it. The Super Bowl was less than super. From its fumbled coin toss, to Manning’s embarrassing attempts to pass, I kept thinking “Put on the puppy bowl. Where is the puppy bowl?” To be honest, at least those animals are cute and fluffy, Red Hot Chile Peppers not so much.