Fresh Face Forward does workshop in Egan

Casey Bleuel photo: Senior Leann Krysiak and grad student Elissa Reitz demonstrate non-toxic beauty products to senior Marcela Delgado.Casey Bleuel photo: Senior Leann Krysiak and grad student Elissa Reitz demonstrate non-toxic beauty products to senior Marcela Delgado.

Fresh Face Forward team members continued their campaign and the spreading of their message this past Wednesday, Feb. 12, by setting up a booth in Egan Dining Hall and offering students advice on fragrances and avoiding unhealthy chemicals, as well as a chance to mix their own personalized, natural scents for Valentine’s Day.

Leann Krysiak, a senior communication major and Campaign Coordinator for Fresh Face Forward, said that the team’s overall goal for the Valentine-themed event was to show people how to create a natural fragrance, one that is chemical free, good for them and good for the environment.

“I don’t think a lot of people know how easy it is to make their own scents” Krysiak added. “Using oils, even if you make your own creams or body washes, you just have to add essential oils and you have got an instant scent.”

Regarding the typical cost of the natural oil alternatives, Krysiak said that the costs of oils start at $5 for the smaller containers that can be found in stores such as Walgreens and Giant Eagle. Krysiak referred to the purchase “an investment,” explaining the contents will last the buyer for a long time and will contain natural fragrances.

The Fresh Face Forward campaign began back in the spring term of 2013 and those involved have been diligent in making its name and message known ever since.

It’s rare that a day goes by when a Mercyhurst student is not exposed to the organization’s eye-catching posters sprinkled around campus, promoting awareness as well as safer alternatives to unknown and potentially harmful chemicals used in many perfumes and beauty products.

When asked about future events, Krysiak said that Fresh Face Forward “will continue having monthly workshops until April.” It will also advocate the active Natural Beauty Club, in which “members come together to talk about different products, what they like and what they didn’t like, and the cost. Not only do we have recipe alternatives but we have product alternatives as well.”

Elissa Reitz, a first year Organizational Leadership graduate student and also a Campaign Coordinator with Fresh Face Forward, explained that the Natural Beauty club’s mission is “to help people switch their more harmful products over to safer products.”

Both events are open to students who are interested.

“Anyone can join,” said Krysiak. “We have weekly meetings and definitely need other people’s ideas and inputs.”

Email for more information on how to get involved.