Norton starts ‘Nightlif’

Looking for a place to party? A Mercyhurst student created a social networking site to help you find one.

Senior Management Information System in Web Development Major and Business Administration Minor Derek Norton, created Nightlif, a social networking site dedicated to nightlife enthusiasts.

“Last year I was thinking about two things,” said Norton. “First, if you are in a city that you are not familiar with, you have no way of knowing where to go. Also when you go to an establishment’s website, a lot of the times, the information is outdated or the site is just not very good. Some bars don’t even have website.”

The website consists of two parts: the user part and the establishment part.

On the user side, users can create a free account and post where they are going. Nightlif will give them a list of the top establishments in the area, so that they can decide on where to go. The website also gives the users a breakdown of the men to women ratio in the establishments.

Nightlif carries the typical features of other social networking sites. This includes sharing messages, comments, and likes. As well as the choice to post pictures, videos, adding friends.

A couple of features in the mobile site aren’t available in the desktop. If permitted, the mobile site can get users’ current location and they can see within a 2-mile radius where their friends are, making it easier to rendezvous.

There is a nearby bar feature where users can see, based on their current location, what establishments are around. A useful feature for users who are visiting a city they are not familiar with.

“You can see what the best bar is and what’s around you and you can make a decision to where to go,” said Norton.

On the establishment side, establishments can create a profile, where they can add their specials, hours and promotions.

Nightlif allows them to see statistics about their establishment, like how many people are going compared to their competition. They can also pay for monthly advertisement, giving them the ability to advertise directly to their customers.

Establishments can send a certain amount of notifications to the inbox of their users, as a way for promotion and direct marketing. To avoid spamming, they can only do that a limited number of times per-month.

Currently, there is a database full of nightlife establishments from all over the country. Even if an establishment hasn’t signed up for a profile, there is information on the establishment in the website. When they signed up it can connect to that profile and they can update the information.

Nightlif was released last March, it receives no profit and Norton is only starting to advertise. So far, about 60 users are signed up and 15 establishments that have created their profiles.

Norton, also a resident of Orchard Park, N.Y., will work continue to work on the website after he graduates from Mercyhurst.

“Right now I’ve already accepted an offer as a software engineer and I am going to do Nightlif on the side and if it catches on then obviously I’ll expand and take on full time,” said Norton.

Norton invites all Mercyhurst students of legal age, to become a user and enjoy its convenience.

“It’s free to use, it will help you decide where the best bars are and you can see where your friends are going. It’s a better way to connect and have a good time on the weekends,” said Norton.

To create your account, go to