Finals week survival guide

Maybe I’m a bit odd about this, but I’ve always thought finals week is the least stressful week of the semester (or term, prior to this year).

By the time you hit finals week, all the information you’ve retained should already be inside your skull.

It’s very unlikely that cramming for 12 hours prior to that Math/Biology/Chem/History/Intel/whatever-class-owns-your-soul-this-semester final is going to be very effective.

So, take this final week (or few days by the time this article gets published) and use this for your studying. All that work during finals should be a bit of final review, but not trying to study everything the professor ever taught within the three hours before the final.

In fact, in the interest of trying to assist the stressing public in deciding how to prioritize which final to study for most, let me elaborate a bit on which exams might be the most effective use of time and trouble:

1. If you need an A on this final in order to pass the class (not get a good grade but pass), then better start busting your back. In fact, you should have starting doing so two weeks ago.

2. If you need an A to get an A on the final, again, crack the book and get to work. Talk to classmates and the professor. See if you can’t get a hold of those last few facts or concepts.

3. If you have been doing well all semester and your grade is chilling at a solid B, but you want the A, take a couple hours and review what concepts you don’t get. Maybe talk to the prof for some help. They’re most likely very willing to do so.

4. If you can get an A in the class without stressing, and without the final having too much of an effect on the grade, then why you worried in the first place? If you’re under 21, then see who else is sitting pretty and have a chill session. If you’re over 21, have a drink to (possibly) prematurely celebrate your victory over that class. Unless you’re about to tank all your other classes, in which case, go back to No. 1.

Either way, however, you manage your finals, I wish you best of luck and that you have a good time with happens in between the tests and afterwards. This year at Mercyhurst, whether it be your freshman, sophomore, or junior year, is quickly coming to a close, so grab what you can while you can. To the seniors, good luck and God bless.