Video game review: Cyber Nations photo: This highly tactical and political game allows players to rule their own nation and fight against photo: This highly tactical and political game allows players to rule their own nation and fight against others.

Pros: Highly social, free, good for the politically oriented

Cons: Can be a little confusing, horribly slow

Rating: 4 out of 5

For all you who want to be rulers out there, I have found the game for you.

This week’s game is called Cyber Nations. It can be found at

This is a game for those who love politics and the idea of running a country (and not just in the Age of Empires or other real-time strategy way).

In this game, you interact with other people who control their own nations. You trade, debate, use diplomacy and fight if you must.

Be wary. Do not fight an enemy you are too weak to fight. Nuclear weapons exist in this game and some people are itching for an excuse to push the button.

It is best, when you fight your enemy, to gather allies around you. This is where alliances come in.

These are groups of nations who work together to protect and trade with each other. Alliances are the equivalent to the United Nations.

The politics in this game is very similar to those we have today.

It is a good game, overall. It is a good strategy game that can be played casually or very often. You can do that one check and be done for the day or you can be on the game a lot, trading and debating with other nations.

The down side to this game is that it is not aesthetically pleasing. The screen is white and does not have much to look at. There is a map that locates your nation and its size but other than that, there is nothing spectacular about the graphics.

It can also be difficult for new players to get used to. There are a lot of possible strategies to become a successful nation. The worst thing about this game is that it is slow.

Overall this game is really fun and I enjoy it a lot. Those who are into politics and how nations are run will enjoy Cyber Nations.

If you have an interest in this game and would like to talk to me about it or ally with my nation (my nation is called Camarilla), go to Mercyhurst Game Geeks on Facebook.