Seniors’ plans with one foot out the door




In 12 days, 288 hours, and 17,280 minutes, Mercyhurst College seniors, the Class of 2009 will graduate.

Although armed with four years of education, the prospect of the real world is daunting.

Some embrace this prospect optimistically while others are more apprehensive.

Many express sentiments similar to those of Erik Penn, a social work major, who said he will "miss the people but am ready to move forward with my life."

Commencement is an exciting and anxious time for those moving into the real world.

For some students, commencement means entering the real world and workforce.

Seniors will go on the hunt for a job and good location to work.

Many have scheduled their interviews, while others wait to see what life brings them.

As seniors enter the real world, they are impacted by the amount of independence and responsibility they are about to take on.

For other students, such as Luis Sierra, a double major in music and accounting, commencement means continuing an education.

While there are many options for those who desire to continue their education, Sierra intends to continue his education through Mercyhurst’s graduate programs.

Whether entering the workforce or continuing to receive an education, graduating seniors are unsure of their futures, but have the opportunity to become independent as they enter the world as educated professionals.

As these seniors enter the real world, many recall the memories they have made throughout their four years at Mercyhurst College.

For many, the friends they have made in the past four years made everything worthwhile and created unforgettable experiences.

Penn remembers going on the MSG trip to Chicago and playing dodgeball in a league with his friends.

When asked his best memory from four years at Mercyhurst, Chris VonVolkenberg, a major in music education, responded, "My friends would have to tell you that one."