Kuntz heads Intel Information Systems, plans to teach

Charles Kuntz joined the Tom Ridge School of Intelligence this year as Coordinator in Information Systems.

Kuntz has worked in IT since the early 1990s, owning his own computer consulting company, DSA of Erie. At Intel Studies, Kuntz is responsible for approximately 400 users in the network, including students, administrators and faculty, maintaining over 75 computers in the department.

A native of Erie, Kuntz inherited his interest in computers.

“My father started our company [DSA of Erie] in 1970 doing basic computer services and accounting services and it grew to the point of supporting hundreds of local users through computer services and computer support,” Kuntz said.

At DSA of Erie, Kuntz helped local businesses with their IT needs in network infrastructure, email set ups, trouble shooting and repairs.

Kuntz heard of the position of Coordinator in Information Systems at Mercyhurst in August of 2014 from his long-time client, Kristine Pollard the Manager of Information Systems for the Intelligence Studies Department.

Pollard “asked if I knew anyone interested and I said I would be interested in sitting down and talking about the position to see what it entails,” Kuntz said.

Besides presiding over the welfare of the computers of the Intelligence department, Kuntz also maintains several websites for the University, including the Tom Ridge School of Intelligence website and the website for Global Intelligence Forum.

“We help any student that is a student of Intel Studies with their own personal computers,” said Kuntz. “They can bring a computer in to our department and not have to worry about finding a local computer company. We do the repairs for them.”

Kuntz will also be teaching an Intro to Cyber course in the fall.

“I’m very excited and from the taste that I got this [past] fall, I have a lot of things that I would like to offer to the course.”

Having worked with cyber threats in DSA of Erie, Kuntz is interested adding more emphasis about what could cause cyber threats from the outside, as well as how those can threats can be prevented.

Kuntz said he wants to teach more “hands-on of what a company or an IT director can do to prevent cyber attacks and staying on top of technology to know what’s out there and available for those careers.”

Kuntz is excited to have the opportunity of working with his passion.

“Helping people with technology and I love helping the kids,” said Kuntz. “So it’s a great combination of everything, because I love technology. Technology motivates me and it has to because it’s always changing.”

Kuntz is inspired by the dedication of the students he works with in the Intelligence department.

“The kids do a phenomenal job of juggling their work schedules with the demands of the classroom and just the demands of everyday life, said Kuntz. “They have a very strict regimen that they have to follow…they work hard and they want to be here and they want to learn.”

This April, Kuntz also plans to hold the First Annual Tech Expo, an event planned to be executed by The Tom Ridge School’s IT department.

The goal of the event will be to help “to educate the student body on the basics of computer as well as being able to freely interact with a wide variety of technology,” according to Kuntz. It will feature the latest technology from Lenovo and Dell, as well as complimentary computer tune-ups by the Intelligence IT department, along with refreshments and giveaways. It is open to the entire University.

“I believe it will be a wonderful educational event for all students, as well as a great way to show support for their fellow classmates who have put months of planning into this event,” Kuntz said.

The Expo will take place April 15 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Room 300 in the Center for Academic Engagement.