Students, faculty participate in Relay

Students, faculty, staff and other members of the Erie community participated in Relay for Life, a 12-hour event that funds cancer research, on Saturday, April 25, in Garvey Park.

The theme for this year’s Relay was board games, with the slogan being “Game Over, Cancer.” Each student group with a table had its own theme pertaining to board games and the fight against cancer. Last year, with sponsors such as Starbucks, the Mercyhurst Relay event raised $23,000. This year, due to a lack of sponsors, the event raised about $18,000 in donations.

The tables at the event run by students included the Public Health Club’s game of Risk, MU Honors’ “Ticket to Ride,” and Residence Life’s game of LIFE. An all-inclusive Monopoly game was also held during the event and included a “jail” that participants could pay to put their friends into and then post bail for.

The Hope, Love and Courage table had the Ellen DeGeneres game “Heads Up” and awarded handmade bracelets as prizes.

Caitlin English, a senior Intelligence major, worked as the group leader for the Hope, Love and Courage table.

“We’re relaying for our grandmother,” said English. “I think everyone has a reason to be here and I think it’s nice to see everyone come together.”

Event Chair of this year’s Relay for Life, Kelsey Eckhoff, a senior Intelligence and Criminal Psychology major, and, Activities Chair Ian Hausner, a junior History major, both worked to make sure there was an event for each hour of the 12-hour relay.

In the second hour of the event, “purple people” went around Garvey Park and participants could get their picture taken with them.

Caitlin Lear, a freshman Forensic Anthropology major, ran a “Miracle 4 U” donation table.

“I’m walking for a friend that died from cancer in high school, Miranda,” Lear said.

Lear raffled off a Wegmans basket and gift card, as well as an iTunes gift card for participants who could solve the “Clue”-inspired mysteries she had set up on her table. Other activities at the event included the “donut on a string” contest, Mr. Relay, Giant Twister, Pie your Professor and Scrabble.

The Pie your Professor event gave students the opportunity to put a plate full of whipped cream in a professor’s face, without academic consequences. Professors who participated in the pie-ing event included Intelligence professor Bill Welch, Psychology professor Matt Weaver, Ph.D, Coach Marty Schaetzle, Psychology Department Chair Rob Hoff and Anthropology professor Allen Quinn.

“It was great, and it’s for a great cause. Hopefully it means they like me,” Weaver said after receiving several pies in his face from students.

After pie-ing professors, members of the Relay Committee took their places on the cream covered chairs to get a taste of their own medicine.

After the Pie-ing took place, Hurst Idol winners Eva Solomon and Dhedra Danudoro put on an acoustic performance for the crowd.

“I love playing for the cause,” Solomon, vocalist and junior Social Work student, said.

The Luminaria event took place in the 11th hour of the Relay for Life, a time intended to be used to reflect on the lives of those who have lost the battle against cancer.