Tips to avoid overspending

During this amazing time of year, we are all acting like crazed people trying to get every item checked off our to-do lists. When deciding on a gift for a loved one, there are a variety of choices. You may not realize it, but your decisions have an impact on your relationships.

I would like to know: When did you have to spend close to $300 to be considered a good boyfriend or girlfriend? The holidays should be a time to gather with family and friends to celebrate, not a time for extreme debt.

I am willing to admit that I am definitely a person who likes to find the perfect gift for anyone for whom I am buying, and I have seen many friends choose to overspend for others on birthdays and holidays. We all know the economy is not the greatest, and everyone could use an extra buck or 10 in their pocket.

As an experienced shopper, I have some tips to help you when looking to find a gift.

Hint number one: Everything this time of year will eventually go on sale. This is a great time of year to procrastinate. When late-minute shopping, you might not be able to find the exactly what you’re looking for, because the choices will be picked over, but you will be able to find something similar.

Another great tip is to check out used shops. There are a couple of these shops on Peach Street that would be great places to look for a cheap gift. Something that was old to someone else is now a new gift. They sell used DVDs, music and games. Check to make sure it is in good condition, and purchase used.

E-mail coupons are being sent daily. I know that I receive more than six a day. These coupons are a great addition on the daily sales. You can sign up for these on companies’ individual Web sites or when you purchase at the store.

With these helpful hints, anyone should be able to find the perfect gift at a reasonable price. When shopping, think about this: Is this debt worth the excitement of the gift?