Lights, camera, action: Senior produces own script

With graduation only a couple of months away, senior Maeve McGoff is taking an extra role as a movie producer to present her script as this year’s Communications Department film.

Upon her script being chosen, McGoff has taken charge of the production, filming and editing, as well as managing the cast and crew.

With another thing to add to her busy schedule, McGoff said she tries not to focus on the amount of work.

“My expectations are high but it will be a lot of fun and it will give me the perfect hands on experience. It‘s my senior year, I didn’t want to regret not doing the student film, so I submitted one this year,” McGoff said.

“The skills on our major can‘t be taught in a classroom, so the Communications Department provides opportunities like this to learn and experience things hands on. It just depends (on) if you take advantage of these opportunities.”

The film is titled “Student Production,” and is a satire on student films and their filmmakers. The main character is Walter “Chet” Perkins, who believes he will be Hollywood’s next big star.

Though his film background is primarily based on cliché movie scenes and internet searches, his thought toward his film is that it will thrill audiences and blow all other student films away. His crew suggests that behind the scenes would make a better film.

“The story revolves around Chet’s decision but is narrated through after-scene confessionals from the director and crew, who think their director is a complete moron,” McGoff said.

McGoff had in mind to write this script since last year.

“I wrote it in a couple of months on and off, but once the production starts, the script will continuously change with everyone’s personalities taking advantage of windows for improvement,” she said.

McGoff’s own experiences inspired her to write the script for “Student Produced.”

Without ever being in front of the camera and with a lot more experiences behind the camera, she finds being behind the camera sometimes more entertaining than what is being produced. She wanted something that was more realistic and a chance to give production crews more credit than just a name in the ending credits.

The film is expected to show in mid-May and is open to the public.

If interested in helping out with this production, contact Maeve at