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    seschalMar 11, 2010 at 6:46 am

    What is it: Ignorance or a lack of concern?

    If it’s ignorance: I think it’s ridiculous that it took the President’s office this long to notice the horrible state of the apartments here on campus. I also think it’s pathetic that the administration is so out of touch with students that they had to hire a company to evaluate the state of MC housing. Couldn’t that money have been used to fix up said housing?

    I think it’s more a lack of concern. When students are renting off-campus apartments because they’ve been broken into 3 times, and other students are getting respiratory infections from mold, one can only conclude that MC DOESN’T care about students having the “best experience”, but more about money, especially in light of MCs refusal to make repairs to its worst apartments and and its continuance to house students there.

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