‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ helps stressed out students relax

Alexandria Albano, Staff writer

The “Oh the Places You’ll Go” event organized by the Multicultural Activities Council, sought to help students de-stress and to learn about the various opportunities and helpful services Mercyhurst offers for those in need.

Presented by Mercyhurst Activities Council, the event showcased three groups for students to receive help from at the university. These resources included Lumen, Active Minds and the Counseling Center.

The Lumen is a club that helps people express themselves. At the event, Lumen spoke of ways of expression such as writing and art. These activities can help distressed students by getting their mind off their problems.

Another group that was  introduced was the Active Minds club. This is a group that specializes in mental health awareness. Its purpose is to educate the campus and eliminate the stereotypes behind mental illnesses.

Lastly, the Counseling Center was presented as a very important and helpful asset for the Mercyhurst campus. Director of the Health and Wellness Center, Judy Smith, Ph.D., spoke about the welcoming, judgment free and private environment the Counseling Center offers.

Students are able to go to the center and privately speak about their concerns, issues and problems with total confidentiality.

The center offers many services which include speaking to a counselor, going into the relaxation room, using a biofeedback machine to slow down one’s heart rate and a dog named Bailey, who helps de-stress students and seeks to brighten their days. Even more importantly, the counseling center is free and students can make appointments or come during the Urgent Times between 2 and 3 p.m.

Sophomore Anthropology and Archaeology major, Amelia Bell was happy she attended the event.

“It’s really nice to see something on campus to help students who would otherwise not have the means to seek help. Bailey was the best part,” said Bell.

Smith believes this was a good event for students to learn about the resources the school offers them.

“I thought it was a great idea and I was glad to see people there. I thought it was a good idea to let students know what was on campus and that it directed where students could go for help,” Smith said.