RSCO Feature: Great Outdoors Club


Christina Judy, Staff writer

Are you someone who enjoys the great outdoors? If so, there is a new RSCO that is just right for you to join on campus.
The Great Outdoors Club is a new RSCO that was just approved last week. Since they are so new, there has not been an actual meeting yet, but the club has a lot of ideas for the future.
The club hopes to host several outdoor activities which include hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, kayaking, canoing, skiing/snowboarding/sledding, biking, exploring, cookouts, outdoor games and more.
This club strives to share their passion for nature and the outdoors while giving students the opportunity to make new friends and find a community of people who share an interest in the outdoors. As indicated by the name, all of the activities and events that the club puts on will be outdoors as long as there are no dangerous or hazardous weather patterns.
This is a great opportunity if you love being outdoors, but feel contained on campus a lot of the time. As a member, you will get to explore the wonders that nature has to offer in Erie.
This club was started by Aden Ricketts, a sophomore Geology and Physics major. When asked why they started this club, Ricketts said, “We recognized that, though our campus is beautiful, there are many amazing places beyond the gates that are unknown to most students. This club will offer members a chance to step away from the often-stressful life of college on campus and experience the outdoors, all whilst meeting new people and spending time with friends.”
The faculty advisor for the club is Bryan Prindle. Prindle was first introduced to the club through Sue Sweeney who was helping the club become a recognized student club.
“I met with the students who put the club together and we all thought I would be a good fit,” Prindle said. “I hope that the students get a greater appreciation of what mother nature offers us in the local area.”
Ricketts said, “I like to think of the Great Outdoors Club as more of a community than an organization, a stress-free place for members to relax and enjoy nature, and I hope others view it in a similar way. I believe this club offers a fantastic opportunity for those passionate about the outdoors to connect.”
If you are interested in joining, please reach out to Ricketts or Prindle about when the club will be meeting next.