Introducing the 2023-2024 MSG Executive Board


Bella Lee, Staff writer

A new academic year will soon be upon us, which means it’s time to get to know the incoming executive board for MSG!
These folks are all so excited to bring you amazing programs to make this upcoming school year the most amazing yet!
Kaitlyn Low, junior Sports Medicine major, will be next year’s President.
“I am most excited about being the ambassador for the students at the highest levels of the university,” Low said. “Part of being the president is getting to be the voice of the student body to the president and board of trustees. I want students to know that I am all for them.
“Next year, I’m really trying to achieve more unity within our campus. I’m trying to personally get out into our campus community and meet as many students as I can to gain connections with them.”
Ethan Frey, sophomore Political Science major, will be returning as Vice President.
“There’s so much that I want to achieve next year,” Frey said. “One of the biggest things is getting more students involved with MSG, even if they aren’t a Senator! Coming to our meetings, Mondays at 8 p.m., is a great way to become more informed on all things happening around campus.”
Another veteran of their position is Samantha Weber, junior Business and Competitive Intelligence major, who will be returning as Treasurer.
“I am most excited about getting to work with the new executive board,” Weber said. “I had so much fun with the current board this past year and I cannot wait to see what the future board will accomplish. They are all so hard working, and I can’t wait to officially start working with them.
“Since the treasure oversees all the RSCOs on campus, I hope to make the process for requesting/reconciliation funds easier for everyone. This was the first year that we were fully reliant on Laker Launchpad and there were some problems that we ran into. But, after working through them the first year, I think next year will be able to run a lot smoother.”
Mia Burrington, sophomore Intelligence Studies and Criminal Justice double major and Gabrielle Ialacci, junior Biochemistry major, will be serving as MAC/SAC chairs.
“I am most excited about working with other members of E-Board and the MAC/SAC Programmers,” Burrington said. “I hope to be a good mentor to the programming board and help lead them to create successful events!”
Ialacci agrees with her fellow chair.
“I’m most excited to lead the new Programming Board and put on awesome weekend events,” she said. “I hope to achieve a fun dynamic throughout E-Board as well as the Programming Board.”
Megan Kantz, junior Biology major, will be serving as Design Coordinator.
“I am most excited to work alongside the rest of E-board to create cohesive and visually appealing branding for student government,” Kantz said. “My main goal is to build off this year’s efforts to increase engagement with the student government. I aim to create effective graphics that encourage participation from the student body.”
Matti Trimbath, sophomore English and Religious Studies double major, will be next year’s Events Coordinator.
“I’m excited to plan some key events for students, such as the MSG speakers and SpringFest; I’m also excited to work closely with the sustainability community on campus,” Trimbath said. “I hope to help work on food waste on campus as well as make sure our speakers are as informative—but enjoyable—as possible.
“I also have high hopes to make sure that SpringFest is fun, relaxing, and exciting for all students on campus! I have high hopes for next year, and I’m excited to work with our e-board, senators, and student body!”
Last, but certainly not least is Vydalia Weatherly, junior Criminal Justice and Political Science double major, who will be serving as next year’s PR Coordinator.
“I’m most excited to go to the many events the campus has to offer and make stories about them on the MSG Instagram,” Weatherly said.
“I hope to be able to get more students involved on campus. I recognize events happen every day on campus, but many students do not know about it. I have also noticed that students in different departments, majors, and organizations are doing this.”
If you see any of these folks around campus, be sure to congratulate them! They will surely make for a wonderful MSG executive board next year!