Tuzuner brings new perspective


Tung Vu

Musa Tuzuner has a background in counterterrorism and peace research. He hopes to bring a new cultural perspective to his students.

Musa Tuzuner Ph.D., comes to Mercyhurst straight from Turkey where he worked as the Founding Director of Intelligence Studies Research Center and Master Program for Intelligence Studies at the Police Academy.

Tuzuner helped organize many conferences. At one of them, he met a faculty member from Mercyhurst who convinced him to travel across the globe and take the position of Visiting Assistant Professor of the Intelligence Department.

Tuzuner comes to offers a chance for students to experience a different culture and mindset, and a plethora of knowledge on peace research, counterterrorism and intelligence studies.

He will assist with the teaching of data sets, information sciences and even help open a potential doctorate program in Intelligence Studies at the university

“My background in counterterrorism and international perspective will be helpful for the students,” stated Tuzuner. “I hope to also broaden the mind of the university-show people what really goes on,”.

This is not Tuzuner’s first time in the United States, however. He received his Ph.D. from Kent State University and so far prefers Erie and Mercyhurst over Kent State. He enjoys the beach, the lake and the small, intimate community Mercyhurst offers.

His stay could be temporary, but after one year, he will decide what to do as part as his future endeavors. He believes his time at Mercyhurst will bring new ideas and perspectives to his students and fellow faculty.