Presidential race sparks opinions

H'ian Hale, Contributing writer

From “Feel the Bern” to “Make America great again,” Mercyhurst students propose who they think should win the 2016 Presidential Election.

“If you started the voting age at age 30, Governor Mitt Romney would be president today,” said Alex Smith, National Chairman of the Republican College National Committee to USA Today.

This popular quote has been passed around the news to describe the vast importance young adults between ages 18 and 29 have on the elections. Effectively, the college aged voters will have a decisive impact on who the next leader of our country will be. Students at Mercyhurst have a variety of opinions when it comes to the topic of who should be the next president of the United States.

Many supported Bernie Sanders because they feel as though he is (ironically) more youthful and up to date with today’s culture. They believe Sanders is for the people and has the best interest of the country at heart.

Many students exclaimed Sander’s campaign popular catch phrase, “Feel the Bern” when talking about his campaign. Students like senior Sean Beins passionately supporte Sanders. Beins believes Sanders will bring equality into the country and that he works for the best interest of the students.

“Feel the Bern. Bernie Sanders for president,” said Beins.

“He’s looking to decrease the wealth of the upper class and make a more affordable life for the lower and middle classes. He’s also trying to reduce the cost of college education to make the debt coming out more bearable.”

It was, however, the name of Donald Trump that came up the most. Brent Clapper is a fan of Donald Trump, but he thinks this may not be the right job for him.

“I’ve always been a fan of The Apprentice and Trump, but I don’t think he would be a good fit for the presidency,” said Clapper.

“Right now, I’m not totally sure who I’m voting for yet.”

On the other hand, Graduate student, Brandon Ward, believes that Trump will be good for the country by making it hard working again.

“I want Trump to win because he creates jobs and makes our government more transparent,” said Ward.

“I also believe he will make our nation the nation it once was, which is working hard for what you want. No handouts.”

Even though there were some fans of Trump, there were also those who were completely against him.

Students like junior Kevin Marsh, do not care who wins the election, as long as Trump does not win.

“Anyone but Trump because he has unrealistic goals, no political experience and discriminates against minorities,” Marsh said.

Senior, Olukayode Ajenifuja does not believe in Trump running at all.

“I don’t like Donald Trump because I think he’s ignorant. He will not act in the best interest of the country and I don’t believe he will have enough supporters,” Ajenifuja said.

“He’s racist!” said senior Gerrae Williams.

“He’s arrogant, ignorant, biased and I think he wants to be president for his own goals and agenda.”

“Not to mention, his hair is fake, he looks like he smells like hot dog water and wet dog and wears tighty whiteys… but he’s rich.”

After a couple of conversations, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the most talked about candidates oncampus, and the student’s views on them varied. As election year goes on, the students views might change as they hear what the candidates really have to offer.