Commuter parking frustrates

This is for all of the commuters out there.

Have you ever been running late to class (or even on time), pulled onto campus to park in the lot next to the Hirt Center and realized that there are no open spaces?

The only other choices for commuter parking are far away from Hirt: near the Ice Center or McAuley Hall. Even the parking lot behind the Performing Arts Center is full most days.

The problem is, with all of the commuters who attend Mercyhurst, there is not one parking lot designated just for them. There are lots reserved only for faculty, and even lots specifically for on-campus students with a blue pass, but not one for commuters.

This should really be corrected. The only students who specifically need parking spaces to attend classes are the students who don’t have enough.

We have to park on the other end of campus simply to go to class. Wouldn’t it be a smart idea to reserve a parking lot, like the one next to Hirt, only for commuters? Most faculty members who park in this lot work in Old Main. Why can’t they park by McAuley? This lot is much closer to Old Main than Hirt.

Something needs to be done about the commuter parking situation to make it less frustrating for those of us who have to drive to classes every day.