’Hurst how-to: Study habits


Nora Wagner, Contributing writer

Now that midterms are over, finals will be here before we know it. Whether you have less of a class load with the new mini or you have more, these time management skills will help you to become a successful student.

Make lists of everything you need to do and then go through and number it. Put the ones with higher priority as number one and do those first.

Do not start on the other assignments until you finish the first one. A list will help keep you organized and on top of assignments.

It will also cause you to spend the appropriate amount of time on each assignment.

Take short breaks every hour. Whether you get up just to stretch, grab a snack, or get a drink, breaks will help keep you focused when you come back and you will be able to give your assignment all of your attention.

Be sure to take a longer break to eat dinner and talk with your friends so you are not overstudying. Set an alarm to keep you on track with when you need to take a break and end it.

Do not procrastinate. Start your work as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute is never good. Your work will not be put together very well and may not be complete.

Starting an assignment sooner will create less stress later on and give you more time to do what you want to do.

Set goals of when you want specific assignments done. Although professors give you due dates for your assignments, set a personal deadline of at least a day or two before the due date.

That way it is done and if you find a mistake you have enough time to go back and fix it. You will not be rushing at 7:55 a.m. to fix the mistake you found when your class starts at 8 a.m.

Put away your phone. Notifications of texts, Facebook comments, and Snapchats all distract you. Turn your phone off and keep it away from you until you are done.

When your phone is easily accessible, you will spend more time on it than on your assignment.

Stress management is an essential skill to have. Students are often trying to juggle classes, homework, part-time jobs, sports and extracurricular activities.

Being able to successfully manage your stress will come in handy when you have a lot of assignments all at once.

Being able to determine how much time you need to take for each assignment will be essential when it comes time to studying for finals.

Work on one thing at a time. Although many believe they are great at multitasking, in reality, they aren’t.

Putting all of your focus into one subject until you are done will give you more time later on. This will also improve your grade because you are not trying to do five things at one time.

Be sure you are getting enough sleep every night. This may seem counterintuitive because you are sleeping when you could be working, but getting a good amount of sleep at night will help you be more focused and productive when you wake up.

Following these tips will help you a lot in the long run.