Spring semester scheduling issues


Some students have had issues while trying to register for spring classes by professors, and the registrar is willing to work with them.

Caitlyn Lear, Staff writer

Fall semester is quickly coming to a close, and the stressful time of year for scheduling classes is here.

For the past few weeks, students have run around, meeting with advisers and meticulously trying to squeeze every credit they can into next semester.

Professors, faculty and students are still trying to get accustomed to the mini-mester system as well, which only adds to the complication.

Some students are finding it hard to get all the classes they need into their schedule due to conflicting times. Since the mini classes are longer than the regular semester classes, they can overlap and make it hard to get a full schedule.

“I have one regular semester class and there are two mini classes that end after that class is supposed to start,” Steven Martz, junior Hospitality major, said.

According to Michele Wheaton, Mercyhurst registrar, students that have classes that overlap a little bit have been able to make accommodations with professors to make work up outside of class.

Students are working with professors to try and make the necessary changes so that the question of graduating is resolved.

“The students that have come in with issues have been able to resolve them with professors by taking the classes that they need in later terms or by taking tutorials with the professors outside of the class time,” Wheaton said.

For those with a double major, or even a minor, scheduling could even more complicated. Making sure students can get the right number of classes for each major so not to fall behind is already a daunting task.

“Since we shortened the core, it is allowing more freedom in registering, which should help some of the problems that come with registering,” Wheaton said.

So there are options for anyone who is struggling. Professors are usually very good at helping students succeed and get the requirements that they need to graduate on time. It is not the end of the world if a class is full or conflicting,.Advisers and departments can make substitutions if a student is unable to get into a class they need before graduation.