MU trees get lit


Last year, the campus decided to start a new tradition, lighting a Christmas tree outside.

Elizabeth Shewan, Staff writer

On Thursday, Dec. 1, Mercyhurst Student Government will host their annual holiday tree lighting ceremony.
“Any RSCO, Recognized Student Club or Organization, can sign up to make an ornament on the tree,” Heather Shadle, senior and MSG events coordinator said.
The event is a collaboration between Shadle and Sam Lioi, MSG vice president, who oversees RSCOs.
Unlike in years past, where each RSCO was given its own tree to decorate, which limited the number of RSCOs that could participate, this year there will be one large tree, which will allow more groups to contribute.
There are approximately 20 clubs and organizations registered to create an ornament for the tree this year, nearly twice as many as have been allowed to participate in the past. In addition, participating RSCOs will be entered into a raffle to win a prize.
This year the event will feature refreshments, caroling by the Women’s Choir, and a joint talk by Richard McCarty, Ph.D., Religious Studies professor, and Patrina Marerro, Director of Multicultural Student Services, who will be speaking about multiculturalism and symbolism in the holiday season.
This will be followed by a blessing over the Mercyhurst community by Greg Baker, director of Campus Ministry, and the lighting of the tree.
The event is inclusive of people of all faiths and is a wonderful way for the Mercyhurst community to come together and celebrate the beginning of the holiday season.
“People are invited to just mingle and walk around,” said Shadle. “It’s a way to bring people together.”
The tree will stay illuminated from December until January.