Sustainability brings honors

Emily Rossi, Contributing writer

Mercyhurst University has been recognized for its sustainability programs, ranking among the nation’s most environmentally responsible colleges.

A Princeton Review guide recognized 375 colleges and universities for green ratings, based on a 2016-17 survey of sustainability practices. “Green” schools in the rankings were those that scored 80 to 99 points; Mercyhurst had 92.

This comes as the university has taken strides toward better sustainability and environmental initiatives.

There is now a Sustainability Studies major, as well as a Sustainability club. These developments are important, especially with the threat of global warming continually melting away our cool façade.

One of Mercyhurst’s most recent initiatives was switching to LED lighting in the Zurn parking lot. The intention is to gradually switch all of the lighting to LED lights, which are overall better for the earth.

LED lights consume less electricity and are much cooler compared to incandescent lights, making them safer. They are also more practical economically speaking, with a lifespan of 10 years, as opposed to the regular one year. Additionally, LED lights are made with epoxy lenses, not typical glass, making them resistant to breakage. The longer lifespan of these lights saves money in the long run.

LED lighting is by far the most energy efficient, cleanest and eco-friendly way of illumination. Its dual benefits aid in the fight to save the Earth and also the users of this powerful, digital lighting.