Travels to Nepal



Kaitlyn Kirchmeir and Julia Detota, both sophomore Art Therapy and Psychology double majors, sell cards and prayer flags in Zurn to help raise funds for a trip to work with children in Nepal.

Caitlyn Lear, News editor

Art Therapy students sold Tibetan prayer flags and holiday cards in Zurn and the Student Union on Nov. 13 and 15.

The proceeds raised from these items will go toward buying supplies for the children at the Semata Bamboo school or to help lower the cost of the trip some students will be making to Nepal.

“In January, we will be going to Nepal and working at the Semata Bamboo school. We are selling Tibetan prayer flags and homemade greeting cards that the freshman Art Therapy students created,” Julia Detota, sophomore Art Therapy and Psychology double major, said.

The idea of the trip is to help the students at the school.

“We are going to help kids with art therapy techniques, interact with them and socialize with them,” Kaitlyn Kirchmeir, a sophomore Art Therapy and Psychology double major, said.

The experience not only helps the children in Nepal, but gives the students some real world experience within their majors.

“I am looking forward to being with the children and just being able to interact with them through the arts and just seeing how they respond to the art,” said Heather Denning, Art Therapy director, adding that she is also looking forward to the students “being able to have that exchange.”

Detota said she is looking forward to becoming immersed in a different culture.

“When we go there, I hope to learn a lot about the Nepalese culture, trying new things, experiencing Kathmandu, which is where we will mostly be, and really immersing ourselves into Nepal and learning about everything they value and compare the similarities and differences to American culture,” said Detota. “But mostly just looking to make a difference especially in the lives of the children we will be working with.”