SALT unlocks financial literacy and knowledge

Anthony Miller, Staff writer

SALT: Education Unlocked, Dreams Unlimited, is a program that not many students fully understand.

While many students have heard of SALT or have used it in an iMU class, very few have dug into the program to find out what it really is and how useful it can be.

In a nutshell, SALT offers students information on how to manage finances and loans, giving advice on how to manage student loans in particular.

“SALT is the financial literacy program provided by American Student Assistance, which has a partnership with Mercyhurst,” Jeff Lasky, Student Financial Services Counselor, said.

There are multiple parts making up SALT. Each part deals with educating students about finances, as well as any topics related to finances.

“There are four main parts to SALT. The sections are: Managing Your Money, How to Pay for School, Repaying your Student Loan Debt and a Career Services section,” Lasky said.

SALT offers courses, videos and even e-books on financial literacy. Other features include free courses, tips for job searching and an expansive scholarship search.

Additionally, SALT assists alumni, providing tools on how to pay off student loans. It gives information on various methods of repayment and even offers forms, with one being an income-based repayment form.

By hosting these services, SALT continues to be important for students even after graduation, when they have moved on to a full time job.

“After you graduate, SALT will be there for alumni,” Lasky said.

SALT also intends to hold events on campus each month in order to improve awareness and knowledge of the program and all it offers.

“We hold at least one event per month,” said Lasky. “The event for February is on the 28th. For it, there will be a table set up in the Student Union and we will be talking to students about SALT.”

The March event will be SALT presentations in classes, as well as at various club and organization meetings around campus.

In April, SALT will be set up at the career fair, to tell graduating seniors about what SALT can do for them. SALT will also be reaching out to incoming freshmen, giving advice on how to be smart with paying for college and taking out loans from the beginning.

Students can log into SALT to see the program for themselves by going to