How to: Go green with small actions

Emma Mader, Contributing writer

Sustainability is a lifestyle. It is a spark of passion for nature combined with a connection to the surrounding world.

The ways of “living sustainably” can inspire a sense of wonder, an everlasting lust to have so much more than a mere existence or ordinary life. Instead, individuals are compelled to strive for a sense of purpose, protecting and preserving something that is truly important: the planet.

This method of “green” living isn’t one of common ground; it is full of rough untraveled paths that must be endured to achieve progress. It can be filled with treacherous obstacles and hardships which, if overcome, results in a sense of worthiness and pride.

Green living doesn’t require sacrifice of loved activities and items, or guilt over enjoyment. It is merely being aware of the impact of those actions.

Living sustainably is something that everyone should strive for and work toward in daily life. It doesn’t always have to be a big, momentous event. It can be as small as using a reusable water bottle rather than buying a plastic one.

Another option is to switch to beauty products that are cruelty free, palm-oil free and eco-friendly. Brands such as “Love Beauty and Planet” are great examples. Not only are the products made with essential oils and no harsh chemicals, but their bottles are made out of 100% recycled materials. Even the labels are eco-friendly.

These types of sustainable products are sold in places like Walmart and Target, so they are relatively easy to get ahold of.

These “small” acts, which really aren’t so small, can truly add up to create a positive impact. They are the key to starting a sustainable lifestyle.