New at Hurst

Megan Siegfried, Staff writer

Freshmen are not the only people new to campus. This year, there are many new professors to meet as well. Sarah Everett is one of Mercyhurst’s newest faculty in the Art Department.
She is an adjunct instructor teaching Art Appreciation this semester.

Before coming to Mercyhurst this fall, Everett attended Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for her undergraduate degree.

She then earned her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at Edinboro University, concentrating on printmaking.

Although she is new to Mercyhurst, Everett is no stranger to educating. She has taught everything from middle school art immersion programs to classes for adults at Bloom Collaborative.
She is a current instructor at the Neighborhood Art House. There she teaches after-school and summer classes to students from the inner city and surrounding area.

With such an extensive background as an art educator, it makes sense that the next step would be teaching a college course.

Everett was familiar with Mercyhurst because of past fundraisers the university has held for the Art House and other events.

She had been looking forward to teaching a college course for some time and was excited to join the Art Department team at Mercyhurst.
Everett is most looking forward to getting her new students thinking deeply about art while working hands-on.

“So many people think they can’t draw, but that’s not the point,” Everett said. “The point is to enjoy doing it. I want my students to take away an appreciation for art, rather than them thinking it a torturous subject.”

When asked about what she was most looking forward to from her new position, Everett had plenty of answers. She is excited to learn from her current Art Appreciation course and, if she teaches it again, to use that knowledge to improve the class. She hopes to learn from her students as well as teaching them, and get experience with more types of students from this job.

She looks forward to becoming acquainted with the Art Department staff and getting to know her fellow staff members, as well as getting more involved on campus and outside of the classroom.
Everett hopes to someday teach a printmaking course focusing on the process more than the theory.

Relief printmaking is some of the art that Everett produces herself, along with papermaking and mandala drawings.

She has also worked extensively with marbling and hand papermaking processes, as well as gourd design.

Outside of work, Everett has many hobbies that have kept her in the Erie area. In particular, she enjoys being outdoors, walking in the local area and gardening when Erie weather permits. Her greatest obsession is kayaking in the lagoons of Presque Isle State Park.