Lakers to showcase international fashion

Carlena Bressanelli, Staff writer

It’s finally here! Come check out a new MAC/SAC event, the International Fashion Show, which will be held Nov. 10 in the Walker Recital Hall.

The Multicultural Activities Council is teaming up with our international student population to celebrate the different cultures we have on campus. The event will host upwards of 20 international students to take part in the show by wearing traditional dress, jewelry and body art.

Ibukunoluwa Olaoye, a senior Forensic Biology major, is one of the event’s head programmers.
“This is an opportunity for students that are part of the minority in the Mercyhurst community to showcase aspects of their multicultural lives. We are not only giving them the platform to share their traditional clothing not ‘suitable’ to life here in Erie, but also the music and dance aspects of their culture. We have had this event about four years ago and its occurrence was very well received, but I hope this year’s will be bigger and better,” Olaoye said.

MAC/SAC are still looking for students to take part in the show, and are also happy to feature student performances that are ethnically and culturally diverse during intermission.

Isabella Fragnoli, sophomore Intelligence Studies major, is the other head programmer for the event. She is excited to see what impact this showcase will have on the student population.
“This event is unique in comparison to anything I have seen at Mercyhurst before. I personally wasn’t the one to come up with the idea, but as a programmer I am helping to create a unique way of representing different cultures on campus,” Fragnoli said. “In this event, I hope to spread awareness and expand upon the growing appreciation of different cultures that are represented at Mercyhurst.”

Students who take part can choose to wear whatever represents themselves and their culture. They will also have the opportunity to showcase music of their choice. A special emcee has also been booked to help run the event.

Luis Sandoval Flores, a junior Economics and History major, is one of the International Student Association members who is helping to coordinate getting volunteers for the event.
“The show is shaping up to be a diverse performance of all that Mercyhurst and Erie have to offer. I love the idea of bringing together students who are usually ridiculed for their differences and instead celebrate what makes them unique in this environment. We have representatives from Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, Canada and many more ready to take the stage,” Flores said.

Megan Ligia Quiñones is one of the students who is taking part in the show. A junior Identity Politics major, she will represent Mexico at the event.
“The hope of the Mercyhurst International Students Association is that this event will highlight and celebrate the diverse cultural experiences of students in the Erie community. My personal wish is to see this event cultivate positive relationships between Americans and the immigrant community, especially given the Trump administration’s dangerous stance on international affairs,” said Quiñones, who is looking forward to what students can bring to the show.

Come check out this interesting free event on Nov. 10.