MAC/SAC plans spring semester events


Marina Boyle, Features editor

The event programming branch of MSG, Mercyhurst’s Multicultural and Student Activities Council (MAC/SAC), has begun planning for another semester of student-run events in the spring.

The programmers have come up with a full schedule for next semester that features campus favorites such as Target After Hours, new events such as Trivia Night and on-campus performances from acts who are well known across the country.

In October, the MAC/SAC team attended the Conference for Campus Activities in Buffalo, where they watched events and decided which would be worth bringing to Mercyhurst.

The conference was a three-day event that showcases everything from music, dance, drama, comedy and crafts to ideas for DIY events.

A programmer favorite was the Evasons, a psychic duo with extraordinary mind-reading capabilities who will visit Mercyhurst in January for a show in the Taylor Little Theatre.

Similar to this event, the spring semester will feature many more comedians, musicians and on-stage acts, as well as a Talent Show solely for Mercyhurst students wishing to exhibit their unique abilities.

Some annual events that always draw a crowd are planned once again. These include Springfest, Unity Day, St. Patrick’s Day and an off-campus trip. Food for Finals is set as the last event of the year.

With the success of the recent Pittsburgh trip, MAC/SAC is considering an off-campus trip to the farther-away location of Washington, D.C. This would be planned for April and would not be an overnight trip, but instead a jam-packed day in the capital.

Smaller off-campus trips hope to take students skiing, ice skating or tubing as a way to enjoy the winter Erie weather.

Another exciting event is Trivia Night, a quiz-style event in which students form teams to answer questions relating to diversity and have the chance to win gift cards, food and Mercyhurst Bookstore gifts.

Dave Markley, Activities & Spirit coordinator, and Tyler Brentley, Diversity and Inclusion coordinator, oversee the MAC/SAC student staff together.

“We are really looking forward to this upcoming semester,” Markley said. “Fall 2018 has seen a significant increase in program attendance and we hope to carry this into the spring semester.”
One of the larger events that has not happened for the past few years is Cuts for Cancer, a hair donation event to aid cancer victims. MAC/SAC will collaborate with Colleges for Cancer for this event, and will invite students to pledge to take part.

This event is planned for early February, and students can start growing their hair now if they wish to donate. For those evading a haircut, the event will also have food, crafts and the opportunity to write letters to cancer patients.

“Our events are a great way to enjoy yourself throughout the year. We hope to see you there,” Markley said.