RSCO Feature: Fashion Council


Jordan Kessler, Staff writer

This week’s issue of the Merciad RSCO Feature focuses on the Mercyhurst University Fashion Council. The club was restructured in 2017 by the current adviser, Ashlee Rzyczycki, instructor of Fashion Merchandising.

“The mission of the council is to build and strengthen the network of Fashion majors and minors that surround the MU community,” Rzyczycki said.
The goal for the students is to build leadership skills and have real life experiences throughout the fashion community.

The current executive board of the club consists of Lexie Crusciel, Emma Wooley, Ashley Ferrari, Olive Zucchi and Natalie Thompson, all Fashion Merchandising majors.
The club provides a space where individuals with an interest in fashion can gain useful knowledge of the fashion industry.

Many activities of the club focus on networking, service and women’s empowerment.

Crusciel serves as the club president and is a senior Fashion Merchandising major.
“Contrary to the popular belief, fashion majors are one of the most inclusive groups of people on campus. We have a welcoming department with kind faces and open hearts from both students and professors. Fashion Council was introduced with the intent to extend our inclusivity to all individuals in any major on campus,” Crusciel said.

She encourages people who do study fashion to still come along and see what they can get out of it.

The council recently sponsored the Day in Red to show support for heart disease-related deaths among women.

Additionally, they do T-shirt sales throughout the year during the holiday seasons. If you need a St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt this year, the Fashion Council is the place to go.

Another big contribution of the council is its letter project. This is an initiative that encourages students to write letters to other students when they need a boost of confidence. The goal is students supporting students, and so far it has been a success.

For more information on the Fashion Council, email Rzyczycki or talk to any of the e-board members.