Circle K seeks talent

Maria Williams, Copy editor

Do you think you’ve got talent? Come join the Circle K Club Talent Show on Feb. 27.

The club has been hosting this event for many years as an annual event. This talent show is special because all proceeds made go to the Children’s Miracle Network, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals and medical research.

Circle K’s main goal is to promote Mercyhurst’s core values throughout the community with a service-oriented club.

“The Circle K Club on campus meets every week, and ever since the beginning of the semester we have been talking about doing a talent show, ” Amelia Kanonczyk, senior Criminal Justice major, said. She is a board member and organizer of this event.“We have been doing this for multiple years now and talents range from dances, singers and even some magic tricks. The most popular act has definitely been a student who does magic,” Kanonczyk said.

It is the perfect way to show off the many talents of Mercyhurst and also provide some entertainment on campus. The talent show only costs $3 to attend. The show will be judged by Mercyhurst faculty and staff: Benjamin Scharff, Ph.D., of the History department; Emmaleigh Kirchner, Ph.D., of the Criminal Justice department, and fan favorite Rhonda Blount of Mercyhurst Dining Services.

Scharff, who is a three-time judge, is very excited to see what this show has to offer. “This is my third year judging the show. I enjoy supporting student endeavors and the talent show is a humorous way to do this. I have not been informed about any of the specific acts, but I anticipate a wonderful slate of performers,” Scharff said.

Judges are not the only one excited for this event. Paul Cohen, senior History major, is one of the talented singers performing for the judges and the Mercyhurst community.

“I enjoyed all three years of participating. It never gets old. I think I’ll be singing ‘Let It Go’ in multiple Disney voices. That’s my signature piece,” Cohen said.

Cohen is just one of many talented students participating in this show. There have been seven acts that have signed up to show Mercyhurst what they are made of. Each act will provide a different source of entertainment for their audience.

There will be three winners of the show, with prizes being handed out on the basis of People’s Choice, Judge’s Choice and Person Most Embodying Mercyhurst. They will also receive bragging rights on campus.

“Anyone can participate in the talent show, so please sign up. Even just come to support,” Kanonczyk said.

If you like singing, dancing or even magic, come and enjoy Mercyhurst’s most talented students in the Walker Recital Hall.
To sign up you can contact Kanonczyk by email.