Mosaic for Life art show seeks entries

Jordan Kessler, Staff writer

“We want all people to feel welcome here at the Health & Counseling Center and the University at large,” Jessica Macrino, one of Mercyhurst’s counselors, said.
The colorful aspect of the art show is to show that everyone on campus is diverse.

“Diversity is bigger than just the color of one’s skin and it encompasses other aspects of an individual including their ability to walk, see and hear; their religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity; their mental health and wellness and the list goes on,” Macrino said.

The Health Center has been working closely with Heather Denning from the Art Department and Tyler Brentley, Mercyhurst’s Multicultural & Inclusion Coordinator, to make sure the art show this year is even bigger than the last one.

So who can submit a piece into the art show and what is expected?

“People often hear ‘art show’ and assume this means paintings or pen and ink drawings, but we really encourage people to use a variety of artistic expressions,” Macrino said.

Students can submit drawings, paintings, photographs, spoken word, poetry, dance performances and more. In the show last year, the Mercyhurst Fashion Department submitted a skirt that was displayed on a mannequin. Another student submitted a video of themselves dancing and the video was played throughout the entirety of the show.

“The different art mediums used last year really brought life to the show while highlighting the concept of diversity,” Macrino said. More are welcome this year.
The reception and viewing are being held on April 4.

All are welcome to attend, and the artists of each piece submitted are encouraged to go and accept recognition for their hard work. The reception will have refreshments and interactive activities.
All members of the Mercyhurst community are welcome to come to this event and all students are welcome to submit a form of artwork for display. Diversity is calling all Lakers!