RSCO Feature: Dance Club

Jordan Kessler, Staff writer

This week’s issue of the Merciad features the Dance Club.

The mission of the Dance Club is to provide involvement opportunities in dance-related activities, promote dance awareness and provide networking with dance enthusiasts for the entire university community.
The successful club has had almost 20 years at Mercyhurst.

Danielle Kaiser is the current adviser.

The current officers are co-presidents Megan Lay and Kristen Faraclas, vice president Mia Burns, treasurer Jenna Swartz, secretary Niusha Karkehabadi, historian Anna Foley and outreach officers Carolyn Radke and Nina Hollopeter.

The Mercyhurst Dance Club hosts activities, meetings and events that promote dance awareness on campus.
Members of the Mercyhurst community should join if they have any interest in dance, especially if they are not a Dance major but still want that creative outlet.

Activities of the club include going on field trips to watch professional dance groups and dancing with one another for fun.

The club’s classes are held in the dance studio on Saturdays for non-Dance majors. The club also provides free tickets to the dance shows on campus if you go to their classes and bring a friend.

One of the most significant events the club hosted this year was an apparel fundraiser. This helps with their mission of service in connection with the dance world.

The biggest event of the year is Dance Club’s sponsorship of an informal Arts Salon to showcase student artists around campus. This will be coming up on April 28 with the theme “Work in Progress.”

Anyone who would like to perform in the Arts Salon or get involved with the club should email adviser Kaiser or one of the co-presidents.

Get active and have fun, Lakers!