New at Hurst


Quinn Gannon, Contributing writer

Alexander R. Regina, Ph.D., is the new assistant professor of marketing for the Walker College of Business and a self-described “magnet for weirdness.”

Regina was born and raised in Greensburg, PA and lived in the southside of Pittsburgh for the last 11 years. This position in Erie has led Regina to live the furthest from home he has ever been.

Regina attended Duquesne University from undergrad all the way through his doctoral program.

His undergraduate degree is in finance, then he achieved a Master of Business Administration in marketing and management.

His Ph.D., is in rhetoric and communications with an emphasis in integrated marketing. Regina has been teaching since 2012 and has taught a diverse spread of classes from marketing courses and business law to communications and human resources.

As someone from the Pittsburgh area, Regina is a sports fanatic who is a fan of the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates and pretty much every other Pittsburgh-based team. He is close with his family and often attends Steelers games with his father.

Regina has two side businesses. He works as an entertainment DJ and sells reptiles. He currently owns 115 reptiles, including two red-footed tortoises and six pythons. He also has a dog, a Pomchi named Angie, and a cat named Ted.

Regina has a plethora of interesting stories.

On one occasion he was at a Walmart in Westmoreland County when there was an attempted carjacking. The perpetrator was pushed out of the car and ran into the store where Regina chased him with a baseball bat he picked up from the sporting section.

One of Regina’s earliest memories is getting pecked by an emu at his grandmother’s house in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. He also was able to hang out with the cast of Trailer Park Boys at a bar in Pittsburgh.

Regina is excited and nervous to be in Erie.

He is an avid fisherman and cook and is looking forward to checking out local fishing spots. He is also looking forward to attending Otters games and meeting new people.

As a “city person” who has lived in Pittsburgh the past several years, Regina must get used to the smaller, calmer Erie.
If you see Dr. Regina on campus be sure to say hello and welcome him to Mercyhurst and Erie. Chances are he will have an interesting story to share with you.