The Roost brings fun to campus


Matt Mellish, Contributing writer

The most recent addition to Mercyhurst University’s dining facilities has already made a conscious effort to provide inclusive activities, in an attempt draw students together and form a sense of community.

From the outset, The Roost was created with an intent to promote a safe environment for appropriate alcohol consumption coupled with a fun atmosphere for everyone, no matter one’s age.

This homage to the school’s Irish heritage has not only provided an inclusive environment for students, faculty, alumni and others, but it has also taken a strong initiative to get students more involved with a variety of new opportunities that are exclusive to the pub’s dining experience.

With a genuine excitement for these events, the staff of The Roost truly enjoys trying to engage students with a variety of unique social functions.

The regular Karaoke Nights have already become well attended spectacles, both for the more seriously practiced individuals who decide to show their talents and others that just want to have a good time singing their favorite hits. Since their opening, the idea was always to have this be a reoccurring phenomenon and something that would hopefully bring excitement to the lower level of the Student Union, which it has seemingly accomplished.

Within the planning stages, a concept for food challenges had also emerged as a way to foster community.
From the initial aim to host a pretzel challenge, in which students are required to devour an entire pretzel fit for a small group to enjoy, brainstorming began for other eating contests, imagined by the Mercyhurst food committee and dining staff.

From the burrito to hot wing challenges, students are invited to participate, support their friends, or simply enjoy watching the show.
Not only do these activities encourage students to see what the pub offers, but they help foster entertainment and inclusion to build community on Mercyhurst’s campus. Alison Thurlow, Manager of Retail Operations, states that, “Our main goal is to get everyone involved and make sure you are all happy.”

She later went on to explain, “We want to show you all that we are here and want you to be involved. Other ideas from students are appreciated.”

These recent events have brought more attention to The Roost, though their main focus, to promote involvement among students, has been continually accomplished with great student feedback and suggestions. The desire to build a fun all-encompassing place on campus allows the facility to become more than just a place to buy alcohol on campus.
“Students let us know what they would like to see. We are trying to get everyone in here to have fun, and not allow it to just be a drinking place,” Thurlow said.

With a care for the individuals that call this campus their home, Thurlow also appreciates continually hearing student feedback and enjoys the communication that has already been provided by individuals, whether their thoughts concern the food offerings or events.
The Roost hopes to maintain the quality of this dining option by valuing others opinions, both positive and negative.
Other major events that have been planned for the semester’s calendar, include monthly trivia nights, a murder mystery roleplaying event and holiday parties to celebrate Halloween and Christmas.

Coupled with the intention to serve great food and drinks, both alcoholic and not, The Roost tries to present a variety of offerings for the Mercyhurst community, so that anyone can find something there that appeals to them.