Hurst celebrates Veterans week

Maria Williams, Features editor

In honor of Veterans Day, Mer- cyhurst will be showing “Our Fight: Erie in World War II” in the Great Room of the Student Union on Nov. 5, 8 and 11.

“Our Fight: Erie in World War II,” is a film made by Erie Times Publishing Company. They interviewed dozens of war veterans from every branch in the military.

This film honors those who are brave enough to serve in our mil- itary.

This is just one of the many things Mercyhurst will be doing to honor Veterans.

Dog Tags will be distributed Nov. 4 through Nov. 11 to com- morate Veteran’s Day as well.

Don’t forget to thank the Veterans around campus. Some recognizable veterans are staff members and students Peter Correa,

Chris Constantine, Ronald Swift, Brandon Utykanski, Karen Morhan, Brennan Perrycannan, James Hertner and Cody Harrington.

Thank you to those who served us.

For anymore information on these events contact Peter Correa at