Hurst hosts study abroad fair


Bella Lee, Staff writer

On Oct. 30, students were given the opportunity to visit the Student Union Great Room and learn about Study Abroad opportunities at the Study Abroad Fair. Mercyhurst’s own Study Abroad office was there to teach students about opportunities it offers. There were also many other organizations present providing information about study abroad programs.

Through these programs, students have been able to study in the Czech Republic, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan, Russia and many more locations around the world.

Many students stopped by the event to learn about where they could study around the world if they had the chance, but what was surprising was the amount of freshmen that showed. “I have friends in Spain, and I’ve met a bunch of foreignexchange students here, and I think studying abroad would result in great experiences and travel,” said freshman Art Therapy major, Olivia Andazola.

She also mentioned that she would study in Spain if she could study anywhere in the world. Some students who attended the fair said that their interest in studying abroad stemmed from their love of travel.

“It would require lots of traveling, which is one of the things to enjoy in life, so it’s ideal to do something you love while getting school credit from it,” said a freshman Intelligence Studies major, River Orr.

“I love to study languages and just travel in general,” said freshman Intelligence Studies and Psychology double major Collin Peel.

In fact, he seemed so eager about doing it that he couldn’t choose one dream location to study abroad. “I would like to study in South America (preferably Colombia), England, Australia or France,” Peel said.

“I would study abroad because it would give me the chance to leave the country and have different experiences as well as learn new cultures,” said Sam Fuster, a freshman History major.

“I would like to travel to England to study because there is a lot of history and it has a lot in common with the U.S.” Fuster said.

If you are interested in studying abroad, but didn’t have a chance to visit the fair, visit the Office of Study Abroad in Preston 101 or 105.