Anchor Express offers at-home meal kits for students

Maria Williams, Features editor

Anchor Express now offers meal kits for students. The kits are called “Luke’s Lunchbox” and are meant to provide students with meal options that they can make at home.

“We wanted people to have the option of making their own food if they weren’t satisfied with the food options here,” Parkhurst employee, Skyler Schwindt said.

The boxes provide two servings and are only $14.99 each. They allow the students to cook for themselves so that they can play an active role in meal preparation, which can both add enjoyment to meals and prepare students for the future. In each box are all the necessary ingredients, including spices and seasoning, to help students make a delicious meal. The box also provides instructions for those who are new chefs.

“These meals are great because the recipes taste good but are simple and require minimal prep. We have a variety of recipes, and while you do need to do some cooking, mostly you just need a little time and a pan,” Parkhurst employee, Jason Green said.

The boxes change every week. This week they are offering zucchini flat breads and a burger box. They will offer vegetarian options in the future as well. If you are interested in buying one of these boxes, check them out in Anchor Express. You can view what is provided in advance and ask about any preparation questions you might have