New at Hurst


Maria Williams, Features editor

Mercyhurst has welcomed Sidney Rice as the new assistant director of Residence Life and Student Conduct for the Sophomore Area (Ryan Hall and Duval Hall).
Rice was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She later moved to Butler, Pennsylvania, so she is used to the cold and snow Erie has to offer.
“I love being in Pennsylvania. It is home and it feels right. The Erie area and the snow aren’t anything I’m not used to because of my time in school. I’m excited to see the lake in the summer time though,” Rice said.
Rice attended college in Pennsylvania as well.
“I attended the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, where I received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. After graduating from my undergraduate program I spent a year working at an inpatient mental health facility for teenagers,” Rice said.
“I then attended Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. As I completed my master’s degree in Student Affairs Administration and Higher Education, I was a graduate advisor for four multicultural organizations: BSU’s Black Student Association, BSU’s Asian American Student Association, BSU’s Latino Student Union and Spectrum – BSU’s LGBT student organization,” Rice said.
She later moved back down south and worked at North Carolina Central University. She later found herself missing her family and moved back to Pennsylvania.
She is loving the Mercyhurst community.
“I’m really enjoying Mercyhurst so far. I am finally getting my office all set up and the people are wonderful. Mercyhurst students and professionals are making everything feel like home,” Rice said.
Rice has several other hobbies other than helping students. “I’m an avid reader and I spend a lot of my time playing with my cat Stella. She’s a princess and gets everything she wants. I also absolutely love cooking and baking,” Rice said.
Rice said she is exicted to help students in the Sophomore area.
“College is a time unlike any other and it can be a truly transformative experience if you let it. Always be open to people that have vastly different ideals and values than you do. You can learn a lot from both good and bad experiences,” Rice said.
Rice can be found in her office in Egan Hall 319. Stop by and say hello.
Welcome to the Hurst!