The Roost celebrates Valentine’s day with a special four-course dinner


Maya Bauer, Staff writer

This past Friday, The Roost was packed for their Valentine’s Day dinner, where couples and groups enjoyed a night full of good food and music from 5-8 p.m.
The pub was tastefully decorated, with simple but charming center pieces and wall decor. Each package included breadsticks, two salads, an appetizer (choice of: mozzarella sticks, pizza logs, reuben puffs or fried pickles), green beans or corn, baked potato or fries, and either steak, breaded shrimp or a vegan stuffed portobello for the main course.
There was a featured drink at the bar, and a grilled shrimp salad on special as well.
The staff did a great job preparing for the special night. “We have 17 reservations and will still be open for usual traffic,” they explained during the time leading up to the event.
They added that while they usually try to have events during the holidays, they were especially excited to be serving a menu that was completely different from the usual options.
Senior Communication major, Emilie Bock was dining with two of her friends at the time and had nothing but good things to say about the evening.
“It looked really nice in there, I didn’t expect such a great turnout and how many people came down to support it. It was really busy, but in a good way,” Bock said.
She commented on how happy everyone seemed to be there, and that it looked like a great night out for people to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones.
A huge crowd filed in as the night progressed, even spilling out into Luke’s Landing and nearly filling that space as well. This was undoubtedly a successful event and based on the great experience of the guests who came to dine, it would seem that people are excited for future events like this one.