Senior Class Gift Committee hosts fundraiser for class scholarship

Emilie Frederikke Bock, Staff writer

On Feb. 18, the Senior Class Gift Committee at Mercyhurst University hosted an event at Molly Brannigan’s to raise money for the senior class gift, the Mike Folga Scholarship.

For all the food and drinks purchased between 11 am to 9 pm, the Red Letter Hospitality Group donated 20% of the proceeds to the senior class gift. Besides raising money at the event, the overall goal from the Senior Class Gift Committee was to increase awareness about the Mike Folga Scholarship.

This is something that Katie Ballew, a senior Sports Management major, agreed with. “It was a good fundraiser, and people who would not normally come to Mercyhurst for such an event might have contributed to it this time because it was at Molly Brannigan’s. In that way people from Erie became aware of the scholarship that we are all trying to raise money for this year,” Ballew said.

The fundraiser was not only available for the Mercyhurst community but also to the Erie community as well, making it an event different from the ones hosted on campus.

As Mitchell Marsh, chair of the Senior Class Gift, said about the event: “This event is special in that it involves the Erie community and serves as a fun evening at a great local establishment.”

The fundraising event had a great turnout throughout the day. Around dinner time, students, parents and members of the Athletic department were represented at the event.

“I had a good time, it was a great idea, and any reason to go to Molly Brannigan’s is a good reason, if you ask me. I think it was a good idea to have the fundraiser go all day, in that way people weren’t limited on time, and could come support it whenever they had time,” Maya Bauer, senior Environmental Science and Spanish major said about the event.

The Senior Class Gift Committee is hoping to raise more than $15,000 and have a 60% class participation by the end of the semester. Marsh is very pleased with the progress on reaching the goal so far and gives a lot of credit to the senior class.

“We are really happy with our progress towards reaching our goals and the senior class has been fantastic in making that happen,” Marsh said.

The next event hosted by the senior class gift was on Feb. 24 at the Roost, when famous Mercyhurst community members mixed your favorite drinks. All tips benefitted the Mike Folga Scholarship.