RSCO feature

Laia Santos Oliver, Staff writer

A brand new Accounting Association has been founded on campus this past month to provide students with reallife accounting experiences.

Through the use of tools and resources such as Quickbooks, tax returns and budgets, amongst others, this new association’s mission is to help students who are interested in accounting gain knowledge in the field by testing their skills with legitimate, authentic cases. “

The Accounting Association strives to promote stronger faculty-student relationships and hands-on experiences to improve a student’s knowledge within their major,” president Amanda Costello said.

The club welcomes any student regardless of their major as long as they have an interest in the subject and are ready to develop their skill set. Some of the workshops and materials that members get to access are Excel tutorials, preparation classes for the Certified Management Accountant and Certified Public Accountant exam, as well as tax preparation.

The members of the club will also be able to sit with experienced professionals to ask them questions and be a part of organized excursions. They already have several plans to involve the club with the Erie community in future events.

“We have plans to do a Diaper Drive for a local charity, as well as helping out at a nonprofit with their financials and help students at Mercyhurst with their taxes,”Costello said.

The club is also organizing a Chipotle fundraiser on March 12 where any student can help fund the club’s activities. Costello believes that this association is a great opportunity for Accounting students to specialize in activities that pertain directly to their major, and encourages students to make this club their own to get what they feel is necessary out of it. Besides that, it is also a great resume builder for Accounting students especially, as it is an association that directly pertains to the major and allows them to work on their skills outside of class.

The association is currently working to start up their social media and will have that up and running soon, but if you are interested you can find more information on the club by emailing Amanda Costello at acoste49@lakers. or by contacting Dr. Cheryl Moore at