Mercyhurst provides voter registration resources

Elizabeth Nestor, Staff writer

As if it has not already been centered in everyone’s minds, 2020 is an election year

This year’s election will impact various subjects, including student debt, landmark cases, healthcare, and a myriad of other topics.

More and more college students become eligible to vote. Meaning, the time is now to fight for what we believe.

Politics is oozing its way onto college campuses.

Voicing political views now plays a significant role in the purpose of college. Simply, voicing these opinions is not enough, and it is almost time to take them to the polls. 

Mercyhurst University is rolling out its program called Get Out the Vote.

This program aims to gain more registered voters and influence Mercyhurst students to vote in this year’s election.

As many have already seen, there are tables set up all around campus. At these booths, students can learn more information about how to vote.

Students hosting the tables offer snacks, stickers, and other complimentary gifts.

There is more information about how to register to vote on the Mercyhurst student hub website. 

Voting is American’s crucial way to get involved in government.

It is imperative for students who are not residents of Pennsylvania to check deadlines and dates for ballots and polls.

People must keep fighting and finding ways to push back voter barriers. Overall, your vote matters to make this election successful.

This necessary process enables people to question their government and check their policies.

This sacred act has been withheld from many groups of Americans for years, so now is the time to change American politics one vote at a time.

Education is the only way to true freedom. It is vital that people are up to date on current events and explores the different resources available.

“Taking part in planning the voter registration push on campus was really rewarding. Our right to vote is so fragile and important, yet so many people intake it for granted. Our generation is the next largest voting bloc, with one in ten people voting to be a part of generation z. It is so extremely important that we let our voices be heard, especially in such divisive times across our nation, and throughout the world,” says junior Intelligence Studies major Nick Brodfuehrer.

The Sisters of Mercy’s core values call for the attentiveness of Mercyhurst students.

The sisters highly valued justice as they believed in fighting to ensure equality and fair treatment for all.

“We were thrilled to have the help of Ambassadors, the MSG Senate, and Honors Program students, who worked volunteer shifts at the tables. There’s still a lot of work to do, and we’re not done yet, exclaims junior dance major Elizabeth Meade.

They also felt that people needed to seek to change oppressive systems. To live up to the Mercy mission, students must find their voice and see how it correlates to political matters.