Clubs support immigrants

Bella Lee, Staff writer

Mercyhurst is making a great effort to help less fortunate people, especially during these trying times with the pandemic. The Spanish Club and the Social Work/Applied Sociology Club have joined forces supporting I Stand With Immigrants, in partnership with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants’ International Institute, to collect items for families that have recently moved to the U.S.

Donating to immigrants is an important cause.

“Immigrants are a fundamental aspect of our society, but unfortunately, many are overlooked and made to feel unwanted,” said Mary Bauer, junior Social Work major and co-president of the Social Work/Applied Sociology Club.

“I Stand With Immigrants is a national organization that brings immigrants into the spotlight. The Spanish Club upholds the dignity of immigrants because, without immigrants in America, many of us would not know Spanish. All immigrants bring an incredible addition to our society and deserve to be recognized. The Social Work and Applied Sociology Club uphold the dignity and respect for all individuals, especially immigrants. We wanted to draw attention to the fact that Erie has a high population of immigrants and many of those who do not have the necessary resources to live in Erie. The Spanish Club and Social Work and Applied Sociology Club have very similar core values, and upholding and empowering immigrants is a core value and mission of both clubs,” said Bauer.

If interested in helping out, there are bins located just outside of Grotto Commons and the lobbies in Ryan Hall, Old Main, and Hirt.

“We are collecting items that will go to families who have recently settled in Erie. We are collecting winter clothing for adults and children,” said Bauer. “We are specifically looking for coats, hats, scarves, gloves, socks and anything that will help a family who is new to Erie. In addition to the winter clothing, we are also collecting bare necessities items. These items include, but by no means are limited to, shampoo, body wash, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine care items, etc.”

National Immigrant Day is Oct. 28, and the two clubs hope to deliver the donations to their respective families by then.

“Any donation is incredibly important,” said Bauer. “These families are so grateful for our support and compassion. Anything that we are able to do will change these families’ lives.”

Donations began on Oct. 8, but you have until Oct. 25 to donate items and contribute to this cause.