Mercyhurst hits the airwaves with new university podcast


Samantha Weber, Staff writer

Ever wonder what campus life was like a few decades ago? Are the clubs we have now the same as what they had? What did the students like to do in their free time? Or where are our alumni today? And how do they see the future of Mercyhurst? Well, now you can find out, by listening to the Mercyhurst Made Podcasts.

These podcasts are stories from students, alumni, faculty and staff about how Mercyhurst has affected them both through their education and life. The Division of Advancement, Department of Marketing and Brand Management, and the Department of Communication all collaborated to make these podcasts possible.

These podcasts were created through an initiative by an alumnus and former Mercyhurst employee, Ryan Palm. Palm began hosting these pod-casts and has since passed the torch on to Mitchell Marsh, Annual Giving Coordinator. Palm has hosted five podcasts since the first one was published on Dec. 4, 2020.

“I’m excited to be jumping in to be the host of the podcast. It is something that I haven’t done before and I am excited to learn about it, and most excited to hear alumni stories,” Marsh said.

The first episode’s special guest was Joe Howard, vice president for Enrollment. Howard graduated from Mercyhurst in 2003. In the second episode, Mark Simpson, Mercyhurst graduate and current faculty, and Drew Hoover, senior and club president, talked about their involvement with the Laker Asset Management club. In the third episode, Jeremy Dickey, an alumnus who graduated in 2013, talked about his heavy involvement here at Mercyhurst and his early career working for the Sisters of Mercy in Washing-ton D.C.In the fourth episode, Brooklyn Kohlheim, Women’s basketball coach, talks about how she got into coaching and what it is like coaching at Mercyhurst during a pandemic. Finally, in the fifth episode, Jason Staley, who graduated in 2005, talks about what he participated in during his time here at Mercyhurst and his career after-ward. The upcoming sixth episode will feature Brad Davis, director of Athletics, who will discuss Mercyhurst’s plans for athletic competitions this spring and his career experience.

All the podcasts are less than an hour, so they are a reasonable length and an episode can certainly be listened to within a day. The plan for this semester is to upload about once per week and those will be published mostly on Mondays. Marsh discussed what he hopes people would gain from listening to these podcasts.

“I hope each episode leaves them having learned a bit more about what opportunities and experiences Mercyhurst provides.”

The podcasts can be found on Google Podcasts, or through this link: Guests come from different generations, locations, and backgrounds, but share one thing in common – they are all Mercyhurst made. These podcasts are a great way to learn more about past student life on campus and what some of the alumni have achieved after their time here at Mercyhurst University, beyond the campus gates.